5 Super Smart Ways Of Caring For Your Coloured Hair At Home!

5 Super Smart Ways Of Caring For Your Coloured Hair At Home!

5 Super Smart Ways Of Caring For Your Coloured Hair At Home!

Colouring your hair is a fantastic feeling to have! But the challenging part is when you have to maintain the hair colour and ensure that it does not lose its radiance. In addition to that, it's not an affordable idea to go to the salon to maintain that radiant look. 

Rest assured, in this article, you will find easy and practical tips to care for your dyed hair from the comfort of your home!


1. Do not wash newly coloured hair for three days:

If you don't wait 72 hours after colouring your hair, the colour will wash off easily. The chemicals in hair dye leave the cuticles of the hair open, making them vulnerable. Chemicals in hair colours change the structure of the hair, making it prone to breakage.


2. Reduce the frequency of shampooing your hair:

If you wash your coloured hair frequently, the dye will wash out, and the colour will fade. In addition to that, it drains the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and dull. Hence wash your hair less frequently to keep your hair colour fresh and intact.


3. Don't forget to use a hair serum:

After shampooing your hair, make it a point to apply the hair serum gently on your coloured hair. This way, the serum adds a protective layer around your hair and keeps the shine and moisture intact. 


4. Minimize exposure to humid climate:

To prevent your hair colour from fading, avoid extended showers or humid air. While bathing, wear a shower cap.


5. Avoid exposure to excess heat:

straightening hair

Beware of not using products that exude heat or taking hot water showers. Exposure to heat can also damage the colour and make the hair look bad.

Concluding note: 

If you see, taking care of dyed hair is not rocket science, but you need to be diligent enough to take the proper steps at the right time. We are hopeful that if you follow the tips mentioned above, maintaining the hair colour all on your own will never be a fuss!