Get to These pre & post wax care tips that will change your experience forever!

Get to These pre & post wax care tips that will change your experience forever!

Get to These pre & post wax care tips that will change your experience forever!

Waxing is an essential part of your body routine that not only makes your skin smooth but keeps it hygienic. Unlike shaving, it demands a lot of preparation and care before you wax your body hair. Well, it won't be wrong to mention that your skin also requires special care after it is waxed. This care will protect your skin from the redness, allergies, or itching caused after the skin is waxed.

Let's deep dive into some of the pre-waxing tips and understand how it is done.


  • Scan your skin: 

It's critical to conduct a visual check of the area that need waxing. Scan your skin for symptoms of bruising or irritation. If you have a wound or open skin, it's better to wait until it's healed before waxing. 


  • Keep a check on your hair length:

Let the hair grow to a certain length long enough for the wax to hold and properly pull it out. On the other hand, if they are long, the wax will have difficulty adhering to them, and the process of pulling them becomes painful.

Pro tip:  Wait two to three weeks or until the hair is about a quarter of an inch long.


  • Hydrate your skin:

Moisturize your skin before your wax day at home. Keeping your skin well hydrated will help you have a less painful waxing session! But, avoid over-moisturizing your skin as the moisturizer can become a barrier between the wax and your skin. The ideal time to moisturize your skin is one to two days before waxing so that the skin remains clean, dry and free from all the oils of the moisturizer.


  • Check the wax temperature:

Apply a small amount of wax to your wrist or your ankle to check if the wax is too hot or not. Ideally, the temperature should be bearable to your skin and not too hot otherwise; it will have adverse reactions!


  • Exfoliation is important:

Remember to exfoliate the skin a day or two before your wax day. Use a soft cloth soaked in warm water to exfoliate your skin instead of using a rough cloth.

Pro tip: Avoid rubbing it too hard on your skin as this may result in making your skin rough and patchy.

Post wax care tips:

After waxing, the skin stays sensitive for about one to two days. It is critical to follow a few tips during this period to comfort your skin and experience long-lasting waxing results.


  • Ease your pulling:

An easy and inexpensive post-waxing care advice is to use a cold compress for a few seconds, place ice cubes or a cold sponge on the treated skin. Cold compresses are a good post-wax option since they reduce redness and discomfort while also calming inflamed skin.


  • Choose the right after-wax care products:

You can also use cooling gels to soothe the areas of your skin that have been waxed. Aloe vera is a common constituent in cooling gels as it relieves irritation and also soothes the skin.


  • Get comfortable:

Wear loose-fitting clothes that are made of light, breathable fabrics. Avoid wearing garments with elastics, as they might irritate your skin.

Pro Tip: It is advised that you wear cotton clothes after your waxing session. 


  • Don’t exfoliate immediately:

It is best to exfoliate the skin three to four days after your waxing session. Doing so immediately will result in negative consequences as the skin is still recovering and it needs time.

Concluding note:

The above-mentioned tips are a great fit for all age groups and for all. To start off with your wax at home activity you can check out our newest range of wax products!