Hair Colouring At Home: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Hair Colouring At Home: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Hair Colouring At Home: A Simple (But Complete) Guide


We understand making a salon appointment, sitting in the chair for hours, and paying a lot of money to change your hair colour feels like getting a lump in the throat. Also, due to these present times of pandemic, getting out for anything feels like a big no-no. Indeed, we also encourage you to be at home and stay safe. So, here's a little secret: it's easier than you think – even though it may be your first time. 


Here are few tips for you which can save you from those hair colour woes:- 


1. Find your match:

To start with, you need to understand what you want to achieve from your hair colour. To ease your task, you can go through our diverse hair care range, which will help you zero down on your needs better and give you a holistic approach on how these hair dyes can work on your hair.


2. Get two hair dye boxes:

You won't wish to run out of dye in the middle of your hair beautification process. Depending on hair thickness, and the length of your hair, two boxes may be required to cover your entire head if your hair is shoulder length or longer. 

Pro tip: While performing this activity, make sure to keep all metallic objects away. Even your gold ornaments


3. Keep these handy:

Make sure that when you begin, you have all the necessary things for your hair dye activity at your disposal. You may require the following. (You may add or delete something from this list as per your requirements) 


  • The  Hair dye cream package which includes - gloves, colorant, developer, radiant color shampoo, and serum (available in the Keratin Hair Colorant Kit of Sterling Naturals)
  • A non-metallic bowl, a glass bowl is recommended, but you can also use a plastic bowl.
  • A hair dye brush for applying the colour
  • Hair clips (non metallic)
  • An old towel to put around your shoulders (ideally dark in colour).

4. Read all of the directions carefully:

It is often said that before playing the game, you should know the rules of the game. Thus, it is recommended you go through all the instructions before using it. In this case, all the products of Sterling Naturals have a detailed product information page that helps you to sail through this overwhelmingly complicated seeming process quite seamlessly!

5. Take the Allergy Test:

Ignoring an allergy can be an invitation to a lot of health problems, hence it is important to perform an Allergy Alert Test 24 hours before using the product. To carry out this test, apply a small portion of the cream behind your ear and keep it for a day. If there is an allergy, you might sense a burning sensation behind your ear.

Pro tip: Don't forget to go through the instruction manual to understand the nitty gritties of the allergy test before using the product. 


6. Get into action mode:

After all the jazz, let's get to actioning the things. Here is a step-by-step guide to make this process less intimidating for you.


  • Wear the gloves supplied in the package.
  • Remove all metal objects from hair before coloring and keep them away during coloring. Do not use metal hair styling tools. 
  • Using a hair colouring brush, mix the colourant and developer in an EQUAL amount in a plastic/glass bowl.
  • Stir until the mixture is completely smooth. Apply the mixture to dry, unwashed hair with a hair colouring brush right away.
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes for a natural effect. Leave it on for up to 45 minutes for a more noticeable appearance. (Note: Never save any unused mixture; discard it right away.)
  • Rinse properly with water and shampoo with the Sterling Naturals Radiant Color shampoo provided.
  • Apply the Sterling Naturals Hair Serum to the lengths of your hair after lightly drying it.
  • Witness a radiant, and lustrous hair colour for yourself!
On a concluding note, we like to say that no one understands your hair better than you. So try to figure out the ideal match of hair colour in the perfect proportion for your hair. By doing so, Sterling Naturals user-friendly products will always help you in your desired hair goals!