Hair Serum For Men: Explained!

Hair Serum For Men: Explained!

Hair Serum For Men: Explained!

The biggest nightmare for men nowadays is to experience an untimely hair fall or to see oneself going bald. This certainly means that your hair has a deficiency of vital nourishment that it cannot get. It is simple, as you take good care of your body and skin by eating right, working out and following a routine, similarly for the excellent health of your hair, it is vital to follow a hair-care routine.


You’d be surprised to know that the hair-care routine of men is quite simple and all thanks to hair serums. They can help you get rid of your daily dry/frizzy/hair-fall woes!   


All this may sound quite intimidating at first, but it is easy, peasy if you follow the tips below.


1. Choose a hair serum according to your hair type:

Let us again burst your myth. Hair serums are not just styling products. They provide vital nourishment to your hair. Identify whether your hair is thin, thick or dry. There is a serum for all hair types!


2. Apply your serum after a hair wash: 

The serum must reach the roots of your hair so that your hair gets complete nourishment. If you apply it on unwashed hair, they start looking oily and attract dust as well. This prevents the serum from reaching the roots of your hair. 


3. The quantity of the serum matters:

Remember to take only a few drops of the serum on your palm and gently massage it on your hair. Distribute it evenly, from the middle to the bottom of your hair length. Avoid taking excess amounts of serum because it may damage your hair because it has silicon contents in it.

Pro tip: Don't forget to go through these frequently asked questions before using a hair serum!


4. Combine your hair serum with other hair-grooming essentials to get the best results.

Man grooming his hair

Hair serum is more effective when used in combination with other hair-grooming products. Your hair and personal style will determine the products you use. According to a poll, men can acquire a great look with just a moisturising shampoo and hair serum!

We know, now you must be thinking, which serum should I buy to start my hair care routine. We recommend you go with the Moroccan Argan oil-rich hair serum by Sterling Naturals because of its numerous benefits!