Most Searched Questions About Hair Serums: Part 2

Most Searched Questions About Hair Serums: Part 2

Most Searched Questions About Hair Serums: Part 2

After an overwhelming response to the first part of the most searched questions about hair serums, we are stoked to bring you its second part!

At Sterling Naturals, we are sure that this set of blog articles will help you learn more about hair care, and if you are new to the concept of hair serums, this will make you knowledgeable enough to use it on your own with quite ease!


So, shall we get started?

Q1. Can I use hair serum after using hair colouring products?

Ans. Hair processing and colouring can make your hair ends look dry and lose shine. Hair serums help to keep the colour intact and protect it from getting faded or damaged. Choosing the right hair serum can depend upon many factors but, primarily the health of your hair.


Q2. Is hair serum suitable for men as well?

Ans. Absolutely, both men and women can use hair serums. It is like a tonic for your hair to tame your frizz or avoid dry and breakage of hair. Not only that, but it also provides natural shine.


Q3. Can hair serum be used on the scalp?

Ans. No, it is recommended that hair serums should be applied from the mid-lengths and walk towards the ends. However, some serums can be used on the scalp as well. Ensure to read the instructions and contents before using it carefully.


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Q4. What are the benefits of using hair serum with argan oil?

Ans. Argan oil happens to work like magic on your hair. A list of benefits can give your hair the proper nourishment and care it could ask for.

Know about the surprising benefits of Argan oil on your hair!


Q5. Can I use hair serum on unwashed hair? 

Ans. It is highly recommended that one should use a hair serum after washing their hair. Applying serum to unwashed hair will make it look thinner and oilier, attracting additional dust and may also cause dandruff. Serum is not just a style product; it's also a source of nutrient for your hair. However, this can only happen if the serum gets to the roots. This is prevented by having unwashed hair.


   That's a wrap to the series of answering the most searched questions on the internet. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as we did curating it for you all! Stay tuned for more such informative articles, and keep upscaling your hair care game!